Is Mars an Escape Hatch for the Rich?


I totally love Elon’s response to this reporter. I guess not everything is some kind of a social justice topic. :joy:


Reporter probably lives on Mars already.


Possibly an illegal alien!


No wall can be built that’s proof against people with a negative agenda pretending to be on the side of good.


You guys are funny.

I spotted the a link to the video on facebook in a discussion about how the rich take advantage of everything. As it was an Elon Musk link I clicked through to see what the out rage was about. Come to find out everyone was arguing over the headline, Is Mars an Escape Hatch for the Rich and no one had actually clicked through and watched the snip it or read the reddit discussion. But, they were attacking the Elon none the less and had hard points of view on the idea.

I don’t dare correct them now and point out none have actually watched the clip. Instead, I added the friends I have in the discussion to my “intentionally uninformed” friends group on facebook. This group just keeps growing for me.


Guinea pigs. Canaries in the coal mine.
Send them all…

Clueless group?




old but


So, Mars is basically poisonous to humans. The entire surface is covered with perchlorate. Anywhere that Martian dust will get will be toxic to humans.

That’s a pretty large hurdle to get over if you want to go to Mars. As a terraforming project, it’s a monster. Visit, take samples, come home. Sure. Stay and live? Mmmmm. Probably not so much.


So no Total recall? Lol


Thanks for the statement as it sent me down the rabit hole of fact checking. I use potassium perchlorate in fire works and have understood that the body can scrub it from your blood. Here is a link to the CDC which confirms that understanding, but also explains other possible issue, such as possible thyroid implications.

In my reading on the CDC website, they point out,

Perchlorates are stable at normal temperatures, but when they are heated to a high temperature, they begin to react. Once they begin to react, they produce a large amount of heat. This causes more of the perchlorates to begin reacting, which makes even more heat. This chain reaction process repeats itself over and over until an explosion occurs. Because perchlorates react this way, they are used in rocket motors, fireworks, flares, gunpowder, and explosives.

I had an understanding of part of this through my fireworks manufacturing, but if @GTHolkan statement is true that mars is mostly perchlorate. Then the removal of the majority of it may be as simple as setting off a Large Bomb to start the chain reaction. I think Elon suggested this at one time and was hammered for the idea. But, maybe it would work?

@TBJK, Total Recall plans back on the list!

LOL, thanks for the opening of a new google hole for me.


Don’t do that. Mars can be a useful source for rocket fuel, even if we have to mine it robotically.


Hey! And once we’re done mining, THEN we can terra-scape it!!


It still could be after the bomb. There is no saying that the bomb would get all the perchlorate. It may just remove the surface deposits, making the surface possibly more hospitable for humans. But, if the whole planet went up, we would know that it didn’t work.



Gotta wonder how a now missing planet is going to affect the rest of the solar system if that happened.


Halfway to rocket fuel, then? :smiley:


Climate Change?