Is It Repairable?

Hey, glass people. Just wondering if this looks repairable and, if so, if anyone will be at the space this weekend who could help me fix it

Besides outlining the pieces in copper foil and soldering them together I’m afraid it’ll never be one whole piece again.

It will get cut up in to smaller pieces and used for fusing or stained glass if you want to donate it.

It could possibly be glued, but Glassworks doesn’t really keep glues on hand. What’s it for?

Looks like a modestly-sized piece of single-strength glass. If so, you can get a replacement cut at Binswanger Glass pretty cheaply.

Consider getting the edges flamed if not being installed into a frame.

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Well I got it in a frame in a thrift store and my idea was to etch it with a laser and make a calendar out of it. Now I’m thinking if I could just square up the edges of the big shard I could use that and donate the rest

Now that we can probably help with. We’ve got 2 versions of glass cutters.

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FWIW, a 10x12 piece of glass at Home Depot is less than $3 if you want to try cutting one down yourself…

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Awesome. I’ve got some bottles that I’ve been wanting to cut up too if someone could help get me signed off on the glass cutters.

Cutting bottles is different than cutting plate glass. A bottle cutting jig is useful, assuming the bottles are round and consistent thickness. There are other approaches using burning strings and running water you might want to investigate on YouTube.

Wear PPE.

One of my favorites (haven’t wanted to cut bottles in a while, but --) is to lightly chill the bottle, and quickly dump hot water in. You’d want to use a pre-measured amount of water, so that you knew where it would break. And, you’d probably want to use a funnel so that all the water went into the bottle quick-quick. Then, the bottle just snaps at the top of the hot water. And yes, you’d probably want to be wearing safety glasses.

I wear glasses, so the time we accidentally did this with a glass jar of bacon grease, I don’t remember shards flying. Just a relatively clean snap… However – don’t take chances with your eyes.

I’ve tried using one of those scoring tools And cold/hot water but found using a dremel to be less of a hassle. Was thinking the saw might be easier but sounds like that’s not the case.

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And always wearing that PPE :wink:

Well, one could probably use the glass band saw, but we don’t have many folks trained to use that, much less teach it.

Unfortunately the glass saws in glassworks do not have enough depth to cut bottles. :frowning:

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