Is it permissible to have cub scout kids near the woodshop area?

I am expecting around 15 kids to show up.

I like the safety talk idea, and once things are more solid, I would appreciate any help offered.


Count me in to help “herd” the scouts. Be glad to help. On the subject, I have always wanted to have an ADULT pinewood derby - subject to the same rules the scouts have to follow in regards to the pinewood vehicle design rules. It would be pretty interesting to see what some of our members would come up with… would be happy to organize/coordinate something like this. Let me know if there is any interest in this?

We did this some years ago, although we also had unlimited Maker class.

It might be fun to co-sponsor this with Scouting - Have Makers compete against Scouts but Makers can only use the tools the Scouts are allowed to use, also have an “Unlimited Class” with fewer restrictions than scouting. Just define the envelop size, and weight and no powered motors except pneumatic or kinetic energy (thinking springs and rubber bands)

Regarding @miker , I am working out the final touches of how this will work with @Julie-Harris . So far we have 23 so I will definitely need help with herding once I have her blessing to ask for help. As for having pinewood derby just for the adults, I think it’s a great idea. In our pack, we allow siblings and parents join in as “outlaws” (where anything goes as long as you don’t hurt the track or other cars), and you can tell some of them have fun building their cars.

For example:

Regarding @Photomancer , having a scout vs maker sounds like a cool idea, but not for this year I think.

That picture looks familiar to me…I think I ran that race for you. That’s my car stadium and I think I remember that outlaw car.

Hey, small world.

You did run that race, and specifically that outlaw car (aka mine).

The woodshop will be closed for normal use 12/18 from 2:00-3:00pm.

This time has be set aside to walk the scouts through the machines and shop safety per the discussion above.

If you’d like to help out with the scouts, contact @cwai2007 and @Julie-Harris.

During the time the kids are in the shop, do not run the lathes or multicam.



I started a new post to ask for volunteers: Call for volunteers - Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

I hope this doesn’t count as reposting and I can move/remove it if asked.