Is Direct Message Possible

I have a message that is directed to Max Holthaus.
How may I communicate with him directly?

I appreciate any help,
-Brian Munson

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@Mrholthaus and some characters


Well, Talk can be a little picky at times. If it thinks you’ve read enough to be granted the privilege of a Direct Message – click on your avatar (upper right corner – just your initial in your case). You’ll see an envelope. Click that twice. I believe that if you’re not allowed to send one yet, you won’t get to the Message screen. Julie just gave you his handle. You might try clicking that. If you’re allowed, then it should get you to a screen where you can click the envelope to send him a DM.

You might try reading the “Read This First” section if you’re short on reading time. I’ve been told that’s enough reading for most simple permissions.

Yeah – if you click his handle, you get a box that includes “Message” with an envelope.


The most expeditious way to learn to use Discourse and get the Trust Levels necessary to send PMs is simply to interact with Discobot. It walks you through the features, and provides the experience points needed. Takes a very short period of time, because it’s more about learning to use the features than time spent.


Thank you,

The responses have been very informative. I am pleased by how helpful y’all have been.
I will do the same to the best of my abilities.

Happy Holidays,
-Brian Munson