Is anyone on Instagram?


I was curious if anyone has an Instagram that they post regularly to? I recently overhauled my account to be design related, and I would be interested in seeing what kind of projects ya’ll are working on!
You can find me here:


I am, I pretty much post all the stuff I make.


Those wood spheres are super cool!


thanks! I like your glow glasses.


My personal account is, but its not strictly design related. There’s quilting, painting, dog pictures, food pictures, some books, and so on and so forth.


Stuff I make.


Those are cute dogs! I had just meant that mine is mostly design related, but I’m absolutely interested in anything maker related.


meanbaby_pottery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m only on it to look at my kids’ pet pictures :smiley:


Instagram: @jasonbunnell
Twitter: @jasonbunnell
If I have an account online, that is likely my username.


Jason - are you with innovate Dallas?


You mean Dallas Innovates? The Dallas like site by D Magazine? I wrote for them a few times but no.


I need some help in learning how ro post to you Would someone be willing to spend
15 or 20 helping to teach me?


try this tutorial first and if you still have some questions please grab me next time you see me up there :slight_smile:


I think you dropped the link there.


Some sewing/quilting and gaming stuff mixed in with mostly cat pics.

You know, the important things in life


I sure did, rookie mistake. here it is