IoT Help needed

I’m looking for someone who would be interested in assisting me with the process of turning an LED light system into a WiFi enabled device that could be used as a smart home product and connected to Alexa/Google home. I’m planning on outsourcing the PCB build but would need to create the gerber files. Would anyone be interested in working on this side project?


@team_moderators – I’m thinking this would go better in Electronics??

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Hey Craig,

We do have a IoT sig that meets up from time to time here at the space and personally I’d suggest looking into using an esp8266 and relay switch. There’s a few models that already exist which are very inexpensive

As for creating gerber files for a custom board that’s rather easy with eagle cad as well. I’m fairly sure someone from @Team_Electronics would be glad to hold a class on such.

Hi Denzuko,

Thanks for the input. Would you have any further information on the IoT sig, that you mentioned? I’m familiar with some of the components that you mentioned, however, I need to find someone who is competent in these areas and would be interested in assisting me in this project for compensation.

If you have any leads for me, I’d appreciate it.


Creating gerber files is not my strong suite, coding and architecture is more up my alley but if one is around after hours they may find the IoT guys. Outside of myself they don’t use talk that much so I’ll let them know your looking for them next time we meet.

That sounds great, thank you. I really appreciate it. Also, if there is an event that you think would be good for me to pop around to for networking purposes, I’d really appreciate you sharing that with me. Thanks again.

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