Inventory inquiry: gold flake and resin?


is there spare gold flake and resin on site that i can use for a project or two? and if so where would these items be? (assumed a donation for consumables!)

They are for two different projects. Just checking to see if I need to plan ahead a shopping trip before I show up at 3 am when the stores are usually closed.


I would be interested in some of this stuff too. I only need a little drop, less than a gram.


At this time we don’t have any resin or gold flake available in the CA area. I will say that a couple of us are working to get a resin casting SIG up and running, but that may not happen until after expansion.

How much do you need? I might have both resin and gold leaf that can be torn into flakes that I could provide at cost.


why does it need to wait till after expansion?


Space and time would be my thoughts, however if you have time now to get it going that would be fantastic. We do need a SIG leader after all :slight_smile: We also don’t have a lot of space for bottles of resin ATM too.


Hey thanks for the reply! I was going to just source my own materials then since i’m expecting to do a handful of projects anyway. and the materials themselves are so relatively cheap in quantity