Inventory help - nation of makers suggestion

This is me copying and pasting something from another post. From my three minute poke around it could be a way to track users, share a common maintenance schedule, track all that a place has:

Asset Tiger is a pretty robust inventory management system - free to use for less than 250 assets:

Works with generic USB barcode scanners, has a nice smartphone app, has the ability to check stuff in/out, log stuff down for maintenance, broken, lost, stolen, etc., great auditing and report features

A downside we ran into is actually finding people to diligently maintain such a system to an effective level of performance.

Looks like a good pricing strategy - do we have a rough idea of how many assets we have?

About 700. We’ve got an in house solution for this that’s working really well.

Ah cool! Didn’t know that.

What is this? Is it so in house the general members don’t know about it? It’s not the tool status board is it?


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Aluminum tags with barcodes.

It’s an inventory system. I’m not sure what else you want to know.

This. And more characters.

I think he assumed you meant “DMS” when you said in house. Is that what you are saying (or your job etc.)

Sorry everyone I was just trying to help with something that seemed like it was working for others.
Carry on carry on