Intro to Tig class open -- Full

Hey all! I’m teaching an intro to Tig class coming up on the 18th. There are 4 open spaces now so grab them up quickly.

This class will be going over the setup, operation, diagnostic, and care for the welding machine as well as the basics of how to lay a proper bead using the GTAW process. we will also be leaning how to run the handheld plasma cutter safely and properly.

This will also qualify you for hot process safety if you haven’t taken that yet so It’s not registered as a prerequisite in the system although it is still recommended to have taken it beforehand. (Yes I am aware that we are currently trying to figure out how to get people qualified for hot process safety in a quick and timely manner.)

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Any chance of opening up more spots. Would love to get in but shows full.

There’s now two open spots today since two people had to cancel

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, I’m moving today but I’ll definitely sign up for the next one. Thx again!

Will there be a TIG intro this month(July 2022)?

Yes there will be. I plan on putting one up within the next day or two. I’ll also be putting up a MIG class as well