Intersting Nesting Software

Hey am working on some plywood projects and was wondering if I could save money on estimating how to best nest parts on a sheet of plywood. I have searched for good nesting options fairly often and I found It seems focused on Laser cutters but could be used very well for CNC router work as well. I had to change the DFX import setting to “inch” instead of “Points” and then it started to work like a charm. I thought I would share the knowledge. And if I had access to a laser cutter out here in LA it would be a ton of help for that as well.


The VCarve software for the Multicam will do nesting.

Vcarve nesting can work well, but like most nesting programs. They don’t take in account for physics, like parts being inside other parts with tabs that don’t connect. Here’s an example of how tight I could get my parts nesting with Vcarve and then manually placing tabs to avoid empty spots. I actually took a picture of the scrap material I was using, scaled and traced it in fusion 360 to create an exact outline of the material, then nested my parts inside that outline.

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You know we have Autodesk Inventor.
There is a Inventor Nesting Utility program that looks very advanced
Theres a really good overview video on the website and download trial

If you need to get even more advanced like ridiculously there is also Autodesk TruNest Standalone. Look at the video they say “insane” amount of customization. Thats a bold statement. “No Rivals”