Interesting salvage tiny home community

Tiny homes made from salvage with some artistic vision sprinkled in. I was looking for antique home salvage places and happened to find this website. Looks like they are trying to teach, run a little compound and have a storefront in the future. Currently it looks like they are in the building, hippie love and renting cabins phase. An interesting little tiny house community in Luling.

I know nothing of it outside of this website but thought others might want to poke around a bit.



Did a little reading and it sounds like a cool place to AirBnB for a weekend but the entire thing is owned by one guy so it’s not a commune in any real sense. And for what it’s worth, the owner doesn’t allow masks and doesn’t trust vaccinated people - says he is more afraid of them than he is of the virus. This according to a review, mind you.

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Ran across this one yesterday on YouTube.