Interested in Welding, Plasma Cutting? Pre-req Class 12/10/2018 19:00 Seats Available!


Had about 10 folks in the last one who seemed to think it was worthwhile, so here it comes again!

Metal Shop: Safety For Hot Processes (Welding, Plasma Cutting, etc.)

Designed to meet the pre-req for MIG, TIG, STICK, and Dynatorch classes for “Safety”.

From the description:

This classroom-based course will help members learn procedures, dos/don’ts, how to safely use the Metal Shop hot-metal makers, such as welders, plasma cutters, etc.

This course will include time in the Metal Shop.
Heed proper attire requirements:
Safety Glasses (Z87 + U rating)
closed toed shoes
natural fiber/leather clothing and footwear
Long hair restrained



I’m very interested in taking the class, but can I have a little clarification as to what we are expected to wear/not wear? Are safety classes provided by the Metal Shop or will I have to go get my own?

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Think you for your interest!
DMS provides safety glasses.

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