Interested in touring Monday, 7/8/24 around 4:30pm

Please post your name, your need(s), and a couple of days & times that will work with your schedule to help our volunteers meet your need.

My name is (John Smith): Gary Nunn

I need (pre-joining tour to check out the equipment): would like a tour of the facility… main interests would be in thunder laser and maybe CNC. I’m familiar with Lightburn.

Days/times that are best for me (Mondays after 7PM): I work a few blocks away on valwood. I normally get off around 4 pm, so I would like to stop by on my way home from work if anyone is available then…


I’ll be headed into the makerspace sometime after lunch and then staying until my experiments are done in the evening (8-9 PM hopefully).

I would also like to tour around this time if possible!

OK, Thanks…
how do I contact you once I arrive?

Sure! If you could both show up around 4:30 or so I’d be happy to give a tour. Don’t think I’ll have time to do 2 seperate tours but two at once is just better efficiency.

Thanks… that works for me…

If you ping me here I should see it.

ok… I’ll see if I can pull it up on my phone and message you…

Ok… think I got it on my phone…

appreciate you taking the time to show me around

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Thank you! Is there anywhere specific we should look for you when we get there?

I’m generally in the Science area but I’ll likely be waiting for you in the lobby around 4:30.

I am on my way. I should be there in about five minutes or so thanks.

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