Interested in siphoning some knowledge/experience from y'all

Hey Folks,

New member and huge motorsports fan trying to get a lemons team started with my friends started at Uni next semester but none of us have a ton of experience wrenching, I 've done some automotive work before but nothing too complex. Wondering if anyone’s working on something this summer that I could take part in. Interested in all things that go fast so really just wanna hear whatchall are workin on

Lookin forwards to getting to know y’all

FYI, Motorsports meets every Thursday evening to … wrench? …fiddle around? You know – car things.


This is a great place to ask. DMS has our own 240SX that we campaign in Lemons and Champcar, and we have a couple members that have their own teams as well. We’ll be at the space tomorrow evening to hopefully finish rebuilding our power steering rack, stop by and say hi.


Paging @Team_Motorsports

I taught Faris blacksmithing last night and ultimately we talked about Motorsports. I informed him of our Lemons team. I’m certain he would be a huge contributor in the motorsports area as he has a keen interest.

What time do yall usually work? sounds like fun so

Normally around 7, we’re here now.