Interest in an August Chainmail class?


I’ll definitely be there! Sweet!


Good news! - The class has passed board approval so we’re definitely a go Now I’ve got to make some springs and some rings to play with.

Anyone wishing to bring their own rings and tools to show and use during the class is welcome.

This is going to be a lot of fun!!!

On the calendar for August 6th in the afternoon.



Jewelry should have a jump ring maker that I created and donated to them that may assist in the creation of the rings for the mail. The only thing they might not have is an appropriate sized mandrel, but that can be just about anything.


Is there a specific project or is this a 101 class?


101, 102, 103 and after the basics anything those attending wanna dabble in really,

Proposed curriculum- Basic Chainmail - Axel Ohmstede Instructor

  1. Safety First - a discussion
    a) Repetative Motion Injuries - what are they - how to avoid them
    b) Tennis Elbow - cause & treatment
    c) What can chainmail do - what it can’t - the myth of armor
    d) Yes you know about the limits of your chainmail but does the guy about to hit you with a real weapon?
    e) chainmail at the airport - be aware.
    f) lighting & eye strain
    g) spring tension and learning to keep your thumbs attached and eyes intact
    h) you will find that one open ring you dropped with your bare foot in the dark
    i) do not go jogging in your chainmail shirt - a.k.a. how to blow out your ankles and knees super fast.

  2. It’s about the ring closure - this section starts hands on in part d
    a) tools - part 1
    i) needle nose pliers
    ii) channel locks
    iii) custom pliers
    b) tools - part 2
    i) the phillips screw driver & the vice grip
    ii) the metal dowel rod
    iii) the hand made spring jig
    iv) the spring cutting jig - in concept
    the dremel & the hack saw
    v) the lathe - in concept
    vi) the spring machine - in concept
    c) tools part 3
    i) end cutters
    ii) bolt cutters
    iii) modified aviation snips
    d) FINALLY - Ring closure
    i) - bad ring closures
    .) gaps
    …)unbutted ends
    …)peaks - how to make a brillo pad from hell for lacerations,savagry, and unintentional hair removal
    …)warped rings - out of flat
    …)deformed rings - out of round
    ii) - good ring closure - how to make metal silk
    .) what does a good ring closure feel like going together? - butter
    …) what does a good ring closure feel & look like finished? - flat - true - virtually invisible gap
    iii) - Rivetted mail - a discussion only - won’t be doing this in my demos
    e) Basic Mail patterns
    i) the good ole 4 on 1 european
    .) how to lay this down correctly <<< the REAL secret to chainmail assembly and why most people quickly quit
    ii) 6 on one and more
    iii) oriental star patterns - 6 on 2
    iv) byzantine chain
    v) expanding patterns for coifs and pouches
    vi) shirt basics
    .) historically accurate european shirt - in concept - why it’s a bad design.
    how to make a chainmail measuring tape
    …) the modern ergonomic chainmail shirt - in concept
    it starts with a mantle

  3. Supplies - rings, wire, findings, tools
    a) Material discussion
    i) rockwell hardness - what is it - why does it matter
    ii) metals
    .) stainless- magnetic & non-magnetic
    …) aluminum
    …) bronze
    …) galvenized steel
    …) rubber O rings in the mix
    b) material sources
    Tractor Supply
    Home Depot / Lowes
    The Ring Lord - online - rings and scales and designs
    Spring companies
    Rio Grande jewelry supply
    Harbor Freight - for basic tools
    Tandy Leather


Wow…that’s very comprehensive! Thanks.


Working on producing rings for the class.

For those looking - there is no sign-up sheet or class fee - just show up wanting to learn how to weave in steel links…

Would appreciate anyone who DOES have rings and tools bringing them in.

I’ll be bringing in lot of examples of assembled items to give everyone an idea of what’s possible and to " inspire "

You’ll leave the class with knowledge of basic assembly - I have the class outline farther up in this thread.


I can bring a large bag, split steel ring … say 15#-20#. Will have measure OD and metal OD. Do you have a bin in galley? Will be there tomorrow probably about 09:30 to whenever finance committee gets done. Can show them to you or drop off in your bin.


I don’t maintain a bin. Class isn’t til Aug 6th.


5 days and counting - Met a few planning to attend the class at the pot luck last weekend. Going to be fun.


I don’t see it on the calendar. Did it get transferred from the old one?


I have gone ahead and added it. There was a conflict but I was able to switch some rooms around.


Looking forward to the class this afternoon - Will be packing up to go in a couple hours - Will be bringing dozens of examples of what I’ve done in chainmail in the past - jewelry, armor, and other things,


I signed up. Really really wanted to make class. My car is in the shop and won’t be done in time.

If the class is limited please give my place away. I expected car done by noon.


Would you mind posting some pictures of your work here so people can see? It was outstanding and I hope this grows here at the space. I believe it will.


Hello David -

Had some 15 attend the class - we had a lot of fun - sorry you missed

it. Hopefully you can catch it the next time.



Had these and some 20 other items on display during the class. Always good to have examples.


I would love to have another scale maille class, please let me know if you hold one in August.


dont know the status of the original poster but you might check out my thread and monthly classes


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