Interest check: Making your own water slide decals


Been thinking about a class for this month, and just had the idea; how would people think about a class making your own water slide decals/transfers? I have some decal paper and microsol/set and laquer to seal it and have some to spare if some want to learn to use on miniatures or bigger projects. Any interested or any day in mind?


I had to look this one up … it has nothing to do with a slide you go down at a water park.

Water slide decals (or slip decals) are water-mounted decals generally printed face up and rely on the dextrose corn sugar residue from the decal paper to bond the decal transfer to a surface. A water-based adhesive layer can be added to the decal to create a stronger bond or may be placed between layers of lacquer to create a durable decal transfer. The paper also has a layer of glucose film added prior to the dextrose layer which gives it the adhesion properties; the dextrose layer gives the decal the ability to slide off the paper and onto the substrate (lubricity).

Water slide decals are thinner than many other decorative techniques (such as vinyl stickers) and as they are printed, they can be produced to a very high level of detail. As such, they are popular in craft areas such as scale modeling, as well as for labeling DIY electronics devices, such as guitar pedals.





Yes!! 1234


Im interested


I have some to do on polycarbonate for a pinball project. It would be fun to get into a class on this!


Sat/Sun Dec. 1/2 work for everyone?


Can you make the times in the afternoon?


3,4,5pm good?


Any of those times work :grin: