Interest Check: Making terrain for tabletop gaming

I’m thinking of offering a class (or possibly more than one) on making 25mm terrain for tabletop gaming starting sometime in October.

Here are my thoughts (and a couple of questions).

  • 25/28/34 mm (nominal) scale
  • Dollar Tree foamcore with wood, card, and cardboard additions
  • would cover assembly, addition of “gubbins” to make more detailed
  • probably would discuss painting, but not actual painting due to time

Here are the questions:

  • Does this interest you?

If so, what sort of terrain would you like to see?


  • fantasy (e.g. D&D/Frostgrave/Warhammer/Warmachine) vs
  • Space Opera (40K, GorkaMorka, Star Wars) vs
  • Natural (woods, hills, rock faces, rivers)

How much should it be prepackaged vs on-the-fly?

  • Scratchbuild from raw materials vs
  • Kits and extras bitz

My initial thought is a semi-prepackaged kit for fantasy buildings like this one:

I’d create a laser-cut foamcore model and supply 3D-printed parts for doors and windows as well as cardstock, cereal box card, balsa strips, and other parts to make a 3D fantasy building.

I could also do something similar to make a 40K-style ruin, or even both if interest were split 50/50. I wouldn’t charge for the class, but would charge for the kits (probably $15). Class size would be small (probably 6-8 people) so scarce items like special scissors wouldn’t be a bottleneck.

I can develop 2-3 different models so several folks could combine their models to help fill a table with terrain.

Here are some terrain pieces I’ve made in the past.

In addition to learning how to make the specific model for the class, the class would also cover model scale, sourcing pieces, repurposing (aka collecting junk), customization/variation, etc.

So: give me feedback re: interest and type of class(es) you’d like to see.




My interest is in Sci Fi terrain, with a mix of 3D prints, and scratch building. Would love to see techniques for scratch building with different materials.


Ooh, me me me!

Sci-fi/ Star Wars would make me the happiest nerd on the planet.

Also, all the stuff @Webdevel said. He is wise and smart.

that looks pretty dang fun Mike!

Interesting, indeed!

I’m not into building terrain myself but seems like a very interesting thing to watch progress. I.E. YouTube or DMS Blog.

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Count me in.

Unless month of October than count me out, wishing to be in.

I would be very interested. My interest would be less towards natural landscape features and more towards buildings, vehicles, etc. I play a wide range of rpgs, so everything from fantasy to historical, sci-fi, horror, and more would be good. My preference would be towards scratch-building, as opposed to kits.

When I mentioned a “kit”, I meant a collection of scratchbuilting parts - not a commercial kit. MDF base, lasercut foamcore walls, card stock to be cut out for shingles, 3D printed doors and windows, etc.


I understood that. I prefer to go pure scratch (nothing pre-printed or pre-cut), but I would be happy either way.

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