Interest Check: Leather working project class

Hey folks,

I’d like to get some Leatherworking project classes going again. If you’re interested and have suggestions please add your ideas below!

I typically aim for items that can be made in 2-3 hours. There is usually a fee to cover materials (leather, thread, band aids…) during evenings, and weekend mornings. Reply with a suggestion unless you’re @mblatz and suggest chaps.

I’d also like to know if anyone is interested in a multi-part class where we make a Maker bag using Adam Savage’s pattern. That would probably be 3 part, with “homework” in between to get your stitching done. Cost would be materials enough to make that size bag. Probably in the $50 range depending on the the leather we use?


I think the Adam Savage bag would be a fantastic offering.

Or consider maybe a dumbed down satchel/messenger bag for those of us that just throw everything in a grocery sack :clown_face:


The bag sounds good. A leather passport wallet would also be nice.

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The Savage bag is just a big pocket with a zipper. Pockets can definitely be optional!

That would work, though I would likely also want to do the full build. in for a penny…


I’m very interested I want to get into leather stuff I think wallets would be cool but the backpack sounds fun

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I know my girlfriend would be interested but it depends on the days it’s offered.

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Here’s an album of my maker bag build. Some parts I added to the original plans.


I’m down for either style class, nearly any project. I like things involving hand-sewing

Love the idea of a more complex multipart class with homework and one can never have too many bags. I’d be fine paying larger supply fee for awesome project


Sounds like fun!

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Hey, c’mon man.



Yes I would be interested in both types of projects.

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I’d be interested in either, with a preference to the savage bag.

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I have field note / moleskin style notebooks coming in tomorrow. I am going to offer a slip wallet for them, with a pocket for the pencil. Will cover dyeing in that class. I just need to make a few to iron out the details.

@Webdevel I would be down to taking a structured bag class from you

People have requested a belt class. I mentioned that to @Lordrook yesterday.

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Noted. I’ll see about getting a belt class up.


(Looks at pics)
Sewing by hand through 6 layers of leather is a workout, even when you use pricking irons to predrill the holes.

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Id be in for any of those.

Indeed it is.

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I’m interested! I’m assuming this would be using Thor?

It could certainly be made using Thor, but we’ll be making this one using a saddle stitch (hand stitched).