Interest Check, Leather Journals

Anyone interested in making a leather journal? Size is aprox 9" x 6 ". I can leave a couple at DMS if you would like to see them.



I would love to learn to make these.

I would as well!

This would be an awesome class. My daughter and I would sign up.

Great, ill add a class for the 30th. Sat 10am - 2pm. Will that work for you?

Just fyi
The 30th is the day this event is going on

(not that I don’t think those would be fun together)

Medieval sewing & crafting day with the SCA

About this Event
Come one, come all, to learn about the many medieval pursuits available in the Society for Creative Anachronism! Join us in a day of crafting & camraderie as we make items that can be used at our events.

9:00 am: Lady Rayya will teach the basics of making your own tunics and about other types of fabulous garb.

11:30 am: Lord Magnus will show how to create rattan swords ready for armored combat.

2:00 pm: Lady Eadgyth and Lord Sean will teach an inexpensive and easy way to make neck armor to protect fighters.

Other artisans are welcomed with their diverse projects to prepare for events, receive advice, and show their skills.
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I actually work until 1 that day. Any chance we could start the class at 2 pm?

Would sun work better?

I put two classes up for this:

Wen April 27th, 6pm - 10pm
Sun May 1st, noon - 4pm

This should post to the calendar in 48 hours. There is one in the front lobby to look at.

The cost is $25. If that is a concern for you, please pm and we can discuss.


THANK YOU! I’m so excited!

I signed for the May Class, but it won’t let me add my daughter. I just wanted to make sure you knew I was bring her as well.

Thanks again! We are so excited!

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Yes, very interested in this and learning a bit about leather working in general. Already signed up for the may 1 class


These journals look awesome! Unfortunately I had to miss the most recent class. Will there be another class by any chance?

Thank you!


Yes there will be. I plan on having one once a month. Next one will probably be in 2 weeks. Wen or Thurs, pm

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Added a Leather Journal class:

Thu May 26 6pm — 10pm

It should post to the calendar in 48 hours.

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