Interest Check: How to Play the Ukulele

Checking to see if people would be interested in a class or multiple classes on how to play the ukulele? I have taught this before here at the space, but that was back in Spring '19. For those who don’t have a uke but would like to try it first before getting one, I have many spares available for use that will be pre-quarantined.

So, let me know if you are interested, and if so, possible day/time preferences!

FYI: I would be limiting class size to 6 and using the Lecture Hall (or similarly sized room) so participants have ample space to social distance w/ masks.


Ive got a ukulele but im always interested in learning new techniques since im not very good at it lol

I would be interested! I don’t have a ukulele, and right now I’m only available on weekends

YESSSSS!!! :partying_face:

I’ve been meaning to learn the ukulele for years, so I might be game!

I’m interested. Someone should do a class on how to make a ukulele that would be really cool

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Interested too. Nights and weekends are best for me.

Thank you!