Interest Check: Game Design Course

I want to do a series of classes on game design with a focus on 2D indie design from the ground up. The classes will revolve around students making their own custom Pac-man clone starting with asset creation and basic programming and UI design and then if interest holds we’ll go deeper into more advanced topics such as shaders, lighting, more advanced AI, and general game juicing. I’ll teach in Godot and Krita, as they’re both semi-professional well-polished open source tools with low resource requirements and which run on all standard OSes. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m posting an introductory overview class and an asset design class for next month. I’ll let you know here when they’re up.


What would be the prerequisite knowledge expectation?

General programming knowledge would be a plus, but otherwise it would be geared toward complete beginners.


Our 17yr old son is interested. He is a member.

To be clear: you’re discussing video game design - not board/card/party game design - right?

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Speaking for @Team_VCC here, we’ve had several of these in the pass and the last group we had actually went on to work on a project for a rather well known podcast.

I’d expect that this would be a good turn out and if you’d like any assistance then feel free to chat us up.

If you have a link to the syllabus and/or the calendar event then we’ll be glad to get the word out to the greater community.

Yes, video game design only.

I’m interested! I’ve been trying to find some in person sources to learn 2d game design for awhile now

I’m very interested. Count me in!!

Thank you all for showing your interest. The first two classes are posted for Saturday, June 1 and should appear on the calendar in a couple of days. I’ll do another round of the intro classes the following weekend, then I’ll roll out the next two classes the weekend after that.

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What’s the link to the calendar event? and

Note: You will not be able to register until they get approved (probably in a day or two).

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