Interest check cutting board and bow knife

That would be cool! Very useful gift

That’d be a fun class

Left handed, just flip the blade.

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Or turn what you’re cutting upside down. :wink:

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I’d be interested.

What dimensions wood should we bring if we supply our own? I have tons of my own wood, but need to know what size to prepare it for. I would probably come before the class to cut it down and get it ready.

Thanks for putting this up! I’m really excited to make this! :hugs:

9" x 18" x 1"
6" x 18" x1 and 3" x 18" x1"

Or something like that, all can be adjusted.

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I tried to sign up but said I didn’t have the prerequisite I took wood shop 1, 2, 3 & 4 in 2019. Who should I contact about this?My wife really wants this! Thanks

Yeah – I can see you in the Woodshop 1, but you’re not in Basics. @IanLee – who fixes this? You? John? Andrew?

You’re in woodshop 1-4 already. I added you to woodshop basics as well. Give it 10 minutes and then try again.


Steve, feel free to stop by class regardless if you can register or not.

Interested in the class being offered this weekend, but haven’t been able to sign up for Woodshop Basics yet (it’s popular!). Is that a prerequisite for this? (sorry if it’s already stated somewhere and I missed it).

Yes it is a pre-req. How familiar are you with a Band saw and power sanders?

I’ve used both before (have a small 6" scroll saw at home, with a hand (power) sander, and used both a band saw and belt sander at friend’s workshop) but none of the woodworking tools at DMS.

I can’t come Tuesday, but I was planning to show up Saturday morning in case anyone at the 9:30 woodshop basics didn’t show, just not sure how that would work out with this class, since I’d have to bow out if I don’t get in.

Please feel free to join the Sat AM class. Bring $10. Everyone gets charged that. It goes to the dept not me. We can talk about the bread board class also.

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Thank you! Cash only, or can you charge for the classes (I saw board was $25). Also, does it help if I register for board class (not sure if the system will let me)?

Ya, just bring cash, it will make your life easier. You don’t have to register. Not sure if you even can. Try it if you want. If it lets you you can pay online.

There is an opening in sat basic class. It says full but if you go into it, you can register.

I may have been too late, but just tried twice and can’t find how to register (everything I tried still shows the class is full).