INTEREST CHECK - Conversion Van, Tiny Home, etc. Meetup on 8/5?


To all of the van life, tiny home, minimalist, etc. people out there.

Are you interested in meeting up on Saturday to talk about our builds?
I know it’s short notice so thought I’d gauge interest.

(Note: Sorry for missing the one last month. I had been awake for two days straight doing my build and needed to sleep it off. I hope some of you got to meet and talk about your projects together!)


Not likely to make the meeting, but how do we feel about converting old Japanese box trucks? My gut says they’d be ideal for it.


as long as they are turbo diesel powered you’re good to go - preferably with mechanical injection pumps


The Isuzu N-series comes to mind. Easily serviceable, dead reliable, parts available everywhere. The trucks can be had used on the cheap, and 16’ box models with curbside doors aren’t hard to find. That’s over 120sqft of usable space in a package that can be parked almost anywhere. Plus decent towing capacity if you slap a hitch on it. I figure it’s a good way to go if you plan on going all out.


If you’re going all out - a diesel pusher is the way to go.
The Isuzu boxes are a great way to go on a budget build and are great on the highway.


Toter home for me. Lol. One day, one day.


I’ve contemplated this concept for a few years now. Trailer, bus conversion, box truck conversion all have their upsides and downsides. Not sure I’m sufficiently committed to making it the lifestyle that so many involved in the tiny home movement push so much as a DIY RV/portable weekend home.


Camping / RV’ing can be nice and even fun at times(not army style)…but I prefer a hotel after a road trip these days…


But that doesn’t allow one to contemplate and execute a project at far greater expense!


Can’t go wrong with an Isuzu!


Are there still meetups for this? I just upgraded to a full size van last week and started my build. Could use any experienced tips. Hesitating on building on the floor before I do my propex install.


I see a number of people doing builds at the space in the last couple of months.
No idea if they are here on Talk.


There are about 5 or 6 people with active builds at DMS. I finished my floor last year and could give you pointers. PM me for details. I’ll also be at the space this weekend in the Promaster 3500 EXT Window Van.