Interest Check: class on making foamcore buildings for wargaming/RPG

Gauging interest in a class on making 15/28mm scale buildings for use with wargaming and RPG’s for after the new year. Class would cover materials, design, scale, customization, finish, roofing options, tools, etc.

During the class, attendees would make a small fantasy-style building to be painted later. All building materials (foam core, hot glue, balsa, cardstock, texturing powder, etc.) would be provided but are commonly available. Some 3D-printed windows and doors will be provided. Tools like hot glue guns, snap-blade cutters, etc. will be available for use during the class.

Price: $10 per student
Class Size: 8


Yep of course!!

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Sounds like fun!

Looks like fun, to me.

Id love to take this class!

I’m into it.

Sounds great but I have no creative talents. ;-(

Sounds cool, I’d be interested.

Sign me up!

Come and learn how to fake it :smiley:


Sounds like fun

Yes please!

Great! :blankspace: