Interest check....baskets

Reed basket or fabric basket, or both (hand or sewing machine baskets)

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YES please. Reed :heart:

Sewing machine would be cool too. Saw a thing on Pinterest from scrap fabric baskets that looked almost like woven reed. I think that’d be cool and have interest

Re reed basketry

And from past conversations, there would be a lot of interest in this from the fiberfolks.

Past limitations have been confluence of wet friendly classroom (doable otherwise, but PIA, much like wet-felting), available teacher, and then materials.

Materials in particular because we have ZERO place to store excess anything, especially bulky basketry items.

***It needs to be something where we can buy kits or pay supply fee to instructor, but we’re not left storing excess reed and such, it all disappears after class.

At one point I’d been talking to someone, but she does it professionally and has a busy schedule so the planets have never aligned. We were all pretty interested in the topic though. I did a basket in the distant past and enjoyed it. And it dovetails with other fiberarts

So yes please if logistics can be worked out

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Now that printmaking has that beautiful utility sink I figured I could put us in the new workshop for this class. It would make sure we’ve got lots of room too. @Team_Logistics would anyone object if I left the reed buckets in the new warehouse to soak the night before or on the table where we will be doing class? They’d be removed after class. (And so will the reeds)

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Im a very visual person, so it generally helps me if I see a picture of what we would be making :slight_smile: here or on the calendar.

I don’t do matchy matchy outcomes but a general idea of reed baskets. I’ve had tons of issues with loading images to calendar so I don’t bother anymore

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I’d be interested in a basket weaving class. Some time ago I took a class from a professional basket weaver. She came to my home and my family and three friends participated. (This was before my membership at DMS)

We made these type of baskets. This is the one I made.

This is one we bought from Jan Schmidt. Her bio is below. She used to live in Waxahacie but now lives in Georgetown.

About Jan Schmidt:

Born in Wisconsin, Jan comes from a very creative family. She learned the art of basket weaving from her Mom and they started developing patterns together. She started teaching locally and at conventions all over the United States in 1998, trying to promote the lost art.

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