Interest Check: Adobe Illustrator Classes for the Lasers

I want to get involved in a more direct way at the Makerspace. I worked at a Fabrication Lab in Norman, Oklahoma last year and began to really become skilled at Illustrator in relation to Laser printing.

I’ve been hearing some interest in a related class. I would imagine we could go over how to use in tandem with photoshop to create black and white photos to be etched and also how to take a photo and create vectors. Illustrator is an amazing program and if you take the time to get familiar you can do anything!

Any other suggestions would be great for class material.



I’m not likely to take this but its a great request and I suspect it would be a wonderful addition to our list of classes. I see you joined less than a month ago. Its always wonderful to see new folks jump in with both feet and contribute!


I’m interested… And I think you have got a focus on exactly the right topics too!



Nikki, I met you at the Space not too long ago, and when you mentioned that you were an Illustrator user who would like to teach I mentioned I’d jump at the chance.

Count me in!


That sounds great! I’m interested, too!

There never seems to enough classes on

  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • TinkerCAD
  • Fusion 360
  • SolidWorks

These are the missing links between our minds and our tools.



(And that’s coming from an Agnostic).

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I too would be interested.

Yes I’d be interested, can’t even spell Adobe. Thanks!

Interested; my attendance would depending to time of class


@NikkiSelf93 - Did you ever get any traction on this. I would love to learn more about to better use AI with a specific focus on Lasers and vinyl cutting!

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I’m interested. It would depend on class times but if I can worked I’m in for it.

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hm alright im pretty photoshop savvy lemme see what i can do about bridging the gap between vector files for some of these needs. mulls over options