Instructions sign for reporting problems with lasers

During the laser maintenance today, I offered to make a sign with instructions for handling technical difficulties. Based on the category text here (“If you experience technical difficulties (hardware - break/fix type issues) with any of the Dallas Makerspace Laser equipment, please send an e-mail to: [email protected] to ensure prompt resolution”) and what was said in the meeting and maintenance, I came up with the following graphic. This is intended to be laser etched in a 3-ft by 1ft board to be displayed in the laser area. Any thoughts? (Specifically tagging @sixvolts for feedback; however, I welcome anyone else’s feedback as well.)

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I don’t think that a decorative type style for the entire sign is the best way to present the information.

If the info needs to be seen and digested at a glance, it should be presented in a more easily read font.


I did a second version just in case that would be too hard to read. This one is ≈26 inches by 12 inches.


Generically, issues & requests are to be posted into #issues-requests


Adjusted text to reflect that category. :slight_smile:


Perhaps simplify the wording:

(Software issue? Broken equipment report?)
Email [email protected]
and/or Post to the Issues & Requests category on
the TALK forum, tagging @Team_Laser


This, please.

I respect the work put into the first version, but it is TLDR in comparison.


Yep, as mentioned, the best process is creating a talk post in the issues and requests category and tagging @Team_Laser. I would suggest removing the email address. That will be difficult to coordinate between the normal maintainers compared to talk.


Maybe we should update the #laser category description as well? I’ll fix the wording and get a new draft posted here later today.


Latest and greatest revision. I thought about how to make it easier for folks to report things, so I added a QR code that they can use with their phone. Thoughts?

Edit: Changed the text around the QR Code to be less obtrusive.


I give it a :+1:


Much improved, thank you for taking the constructive comments into consideration

Agreed. Short, clear, and easily understood. Gets my vote.

I like the new one! :+1:

Just noticed typo - should be TALK forum not form.

edit: but I’ll add that future laser users will silently thank you for providing this info.



Next question becomes… Should this be etched into some nice wood or into an acrylic panel with some LED lights? (I can provide either the wood or the acrylic… but I don’t have the stuff handy to do the LED lighting.)

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Print it on a 11" x 17" sheet of paper via the copier. Cheap and easily reproduced as needed, no batteries needed, and easier to read than led lit Plexi or rastered wood.

I was going for more attention-grabbing than simple paper. That’s why this is 36in long by 12in tall. :slight_smile:

I would still go with black on white paper. I doubt a LED lit or laser rastered QR code will be as scannable as the " boring" option. Size is up to you, but easily dealt with via a run over to Kinko’s/FedEx Office.

You can always do both, have one main sign out of rastered wood, then smaller variants printed on paper on the table/machine/etc