Info screen for Multicam


Would like to put a monitor of some type by the Multicam that could cycle through a slide show with pointers and reminders for users. Since such a large part of the makers avoid Talk, there’s not a really good way to spread the word about changes, tips, etc.

A visual billboard might help. With all the digital wizards who are makers, maybe one of you can advise how to inexpensively make this happen. ???




Wait until dust collection is solved first?



The monitor for the Multicam has survived, dust from the multicam is less now and will be even lower soon. Waiting for the big dust collector may not be as long as waiting for the move, but some things are better not put off indefinitely.

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define inexpensive :slight_smile: , I do digital signage for a living so name your price and I can make it work.

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Hmm, old penny pincher here. How close to repurposing something free can we get? I’m guessing this could range from an excess computer to a raspberry pi feeding a terminal to one of those digital picture frames a member got as a gift and doesn’t use. But I’m a sawdust guy who quit the game of staying up with such things a pretty long time ago … so what do I know!



I have a 40 or 42 inch Large Format display taking up space in my garage. Need to double check what inputs it has but we could probably hook a Chromecast up to it and update it through the Multicam PC. Can more than likely cast from that PC too for videos/web content. If it doesn’t have HDMI, we can use the multicam PC and just stretch the desktop to it.

We would need a VESA mount and Chromecast and possibly a small piece of plywood for stud mounting. If we had to buy those things I’d say no more than $60-$75 to get it up and running.

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Sounds like a great idea to me. The more signage / reminders the better.



Sounds wonderful and plywood I’ve got, but let me ask a question first. You mentioned multicam pc. There actually is no such animal. The monitor in there is just a display and it runs off the network by way of a raspberry pi unit. I wish that wasn’t the case but infrastructure seems to be locked in on doing it off the network instead of having a dedicated PC for it. But that’s a debate for another day.



Goes to show I haven’t taken the class on the multicam yet :neutral_face:

I will check the display tonight and then see what we need to drive it.



Chris, our own Multicam SIG member Judy Kriehn, is an artist extraordinaire when it comes to creating pithy attention getting graphics. She has agreed to help put together some posters with tips and reminders … and these posters are likely to be electronic if this thread works out.

Be thinking of points you want to reinforce. If we can turn each one into a visual bullet point and have them rotate across the screen in a slideshow, maybe, just maybe we can reach folk who don’t follow talk or otherwise have a way to stay current.


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The videos really need the sound (an issue in woodshop!), so would we be better with a QR Code and a list of topics you can get info on showcased in an eye catching sign?



Greg, I don’t envision running the videos on this monitor, but slides would highlight a topic and reference the video (QR Code, etc.) So some clever version of this with a reference to added info.