Induction Forge training Sat 22 Feb 2020 at 8am

This is short notice, but I am doing an induction forge class at 8am Sat 22 Feb (that’s two days from now as I write this).

One person has asked for training: I can take two more. PM me before 8pm tomorrow tonight (Friday) if you are interested.

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Tomorrow is Friday the 21st. Saturday is the 22nd.

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Yep. Fixed. Thanks.

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So - is your class Saturday?

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Yes, it is Saturday. Apparently, I thought today was Friday when I typed this.



I now have one opening.

Is the class still on? Since the machine is down. Thank you.

Replacement part is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I plan to install the pump when it comes in and assuming that’s the only problem the inducton forge should then be back in operation.

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