Induction Forge question [resolved]


I urgently need an answer about the induction forge.

Can anyone tell me roughly what temperature the exhaust is?



The induction forge does not really “exhaust” anything.

The radiator cooling system uses forced fans to cool the radiator fins, and the coolant temperature is never above boiling.

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The induction forge has a high temp cutout if the cooling medium gets to warm. I think I calculated about 13,000 BTU’s best I recall.

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Blacksmithing asked for exhaust for the induction forge, apparently for potential smoke. That’s good to know about the temperature.



I would assume the thought is capturing the gasses, smoke and fumes created from heating metal to the point of glowing white, and occasionally quenching it.

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Yeah, it’s this. The forge itself doesn’t exhaust anything warmer than an old tower computer.



What they all said. I’ve seen it run. It’s just room exhaust.

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With that said, room exhaust is important for the blacksmithing area because someone always finds a way to smell up the place by heating up paint or powdercoat in the forge. Currently they can turn on the bed exhaust for the plasmatable and that will exhaust the volume of the room every 15 mins or so.