Induction Forge Not Working

This morning I tried turning on the Induction forge in the metal shop. It seemed to be without power. Any suggestions?

Does the outlet itself have power? It could be the circuit tripped.

I am not sure. There were some un-plugged cables attached to the wall. I did not trace the power supply back to the wall. I am not at the maker space at the moment either.

It is possible that some other device in the metal shop needed power and the induction forge got unplugged.

That;s usually the culprit.

Ah, I wasn’t about to unplug some bit of machinery I am not qualified on. I figured it was best to report.

I think it was just unplugged, I was told that multiple power outlets were being used for welding at some point earlier in the day. This included the 3 phase for the Forge

yeah on top of the extra welders today, the oven typically is swapped with the forge since we have a single 3 phase power outlet in the room currently. They both have convenient yellow handle plugs and are labeled.

If the oven is shut down (i.e. the lever on the side is padlocked like it should be when not in use), you are always free to unplug the oven to operate the forge.


Ah, that is a good bit of information to know. Next time I find the induction forge in the state I did, I will know to check the oven!

Out of context this sounds like a hilarious troubleshooting procedure.


Wouldn’t this have been addressed in the training class of the induction forge in case it had to be locked out for a failure? It is usually one of the first things i go over with people in my powder coating class that the induction forge and the oven share an outlet and to make sure the oven is plugged in before turning power on. And to also make sure someone isn’t using the forge.

It is covered in the training.

It depends on when the training was wouldn’t it? It was mentioned when I took the powder coating class, however we did not have the oven when I took the induction forge class.

first rule of machine troubleshooting, is it plugged in. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Not really, I’ve been teaching that class almost exclusively (hooray for the others that have taught a few) since we’ve had that class and we always cover how to check if it’s plugged in. Oven or no oven.

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you went over that when I took the class.

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