Indoor Gardening Class for Non-Members


I have a friend who is considering joining DMS, although hasn’t visited yet, and is also really into plants. She’s super bummed the Indoor Gardening class is for members only, and I think it would really help convince her to join! Any chance of opening this one up or putting up another class that’s open to non-members?


Hey I just messaged Kyle and asked. He said he would open it up. He’s also a new member and this is his first time putting up classes.

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So awesome! Thanks so much!


Class should be open to all members and non members.

We will be covering a lot of information quickly and might if interested spin this into other classes like hydroponics lightning etc. This is a good starter class for those that are interested but even those that are really into gardening you will learn something.


I’m not seeing an event for indoor gardening, has it been posted or did I just miss it? I have been interested in indoor gardens, might be a great nudge to get me started. Let me know if I need to look again, all I saw remotely close might’ve been a class on mushrooms…?


Couldn’t have been any clearer, thanks!


Sooo it still says open to DMS members only, it’s not a huge deal but my friend continues to ask about it because she really wants to go :joy: I signed up for it a while ago and can send her in my place if need be!

@Team_Calendar is this something you can address?

Removed member only requirement. For some reason it’s starting at 2:04, what time @Kylemeinert should it start

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Should be 2 apologies for the chaos I’m newer.

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Nope, you get two thumbs up for engaging and offering to help others learn.


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Hi, could you set the limit for this class at around the room size? I would really like to advertise this class outside of DMS to hopefully generate some interest in DMS and possibly recruit some new members. I don’t want to promote it and have too many people show up and be disorganized. (not sure i would get that much extra interest but I prefer to be prepared).

Could you do the same for his beekeeping class as well? I should be there to help him get set up if he needs it.

Assuming @Kylemeinert is fine with that?

Any idea what the size of the room for the lecture hall?

I am fine if someone can set it for me.

I think Freddy estimated 30.

Room guide here

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Oh oops I should probably tag someone able to fix it. I don’t think we can change the attendance limit.

@Team_Education @Team_Calendar

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I want to see “how this class goes” and we can go from there. I have a lot more knowledge on other topics related to horticultural sciences that are more focused.

Looks like a great class! I would be signed up but I’m already taking another class that day. Alcohol Ink Workshop is the same time/day. :frowning: