IndieSew - Just sharing a cool resource


I found this site a few months back called IndieSew and I wanted to share. They feature sewing patterns and fabrics from lesser known designers. I also like that they have an advanced search where I can include sizing as plus sizes are often impossible to find in patterns.


Plus sizes are super hard to find, thanks for sharing!

Edit- I don’t see anything for men, bummer.


Yeah, sorry! My hope is by sharing maybe some of our budding designers at DMS will be able to put their designs up too.


no need to apologize, that’s not your fault! It has always been difficult to get patterns as a larger guy; its why I mostly reverse engineer things these days.

Now seriously, if anyone knows where I can get a plus size men’s suit pattern, I need one… for reasons…I’ve had little luck finding one over the years.


I knew there had to be a site like this somewhere, but my google-fu failed me.

Thanks for the link!


I am under the impression that @Hardsuit and Astrud can draft patterns. Failing that, I could give a “Hacking your Pattern” class, although that wouldn’t be anytime soon… Like, maybe January. Or June…


A plus size pattern maker for women that I like is Cashmerette. For men I’d suggest looking at Thread Theory. They don’t have suits per se, but trousers, pants, button down shirts, etc.


I have their peacoat pattern, very well designed.

If you kinda know what you’re doing, you can adjust it for a single breasted suit jacket (what I’m trying to do)


“Slopers” are your friend… (mock-up made of cheap fabric to check fit…)


Ooh, I forgot but Jalie and Hot Patterns also have men’s patterns.


Below is the link to a publication “Sewing For Men And Boys” which shows you how to alter patterns for different men’s sizes: