Incense burner class?

So Ross suggested throwing out a thread here if there’s anything in particular we’d like to learn, to see if there’s anyone who might be willing to do a class on it, so here I am!

I’m an absolute novice who’s literally only thrown one small bowl in the last 20 years (I’ve done some hand building too, but never had that stuff fired), and I’ve yet to have it fired (it’s still drying!), and still need (want!) to take glazing classes etcetera, so I’m probably putting the cart a little before the horse, but hey, ambition isn’t a bad thing, right? :joy:

Anyway there’s this artist on instagram I adore who does the neatest incense cone burners, and I’m dying to try making my own. Here’s some examples:

My (un)educated guess is she throws basically a plate with a little “pedestal” in the middle for the incense cone to sit in, and a bowl she then turns upside down, trims to a dome, and hand builds on top of? As a bonus technique to throw on top of all of that, I know she does the dot texture with slip (she’s got other videos on her Instagram showing the technique).

Anyway is this something that could perhaps be turned into a class? Anyone up for the challenge? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very cool! I think this could also be accomplished with hand building alone. The decorations can be slip and scored on as well.

Hand builder extraordinaire …@krisk what do you think?

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I love this idea! Thank you for passing this along this class suggestion! I can see this being thrown or handbuilt.
Personally, I don’t have the bandwidth (I wish I did :frowning: ) to do this class at this time but someone else might. :slight_smile:

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I agree @Monikat . Either as a thrown and altered or completely hand built. Let me try to make something and if it isnt horrible I will put up a class in Feb.


Sweet, thank you!!


If you want an incense burner, heck, I could give you one of my custom jobs: