In search of trailer

Looking for a small enclosed trailer 4x6 for 5x8. Also any tow behind camper in that size range. Teardrop or pop up.

I can’t speak for pop-ups but the teardrop trailer market is kinda crazy right now. Saw a used Timberleaf sell for $18k the other day. The wife and I put a deposit in on a Fantom Teardrop about a month ago, for us it was the right balance of price vs. aesthetics/build quality.

Other reasonably priced options are the hiker trailer and the coolcamp, although neither has the classic shape. We rented a [email protected] on Outdoorsy and the functionality was nice, but the fit and finish are more RV-grade than the typical plywood-chic.


any idea on what is needed to legally make and sell trailers? because if they are selling for that much, i have an idea that i’ve been looking for an excuse to make

I don’t really know if you come under extra scrutiny manufacturing commercially, but DIY trailers are pretty easy to title/register in Texas. For a lot of teardrops they’re just built on a commercial utility trailer frame.


Thanks for letting me know. I wouldn’t have had the first clue where to start looking.

And I don’t know if this would be commercial; i’m thinking at the most I would make two or three of them for comission. And this is still just a concept. I need to figure out if I can even build what I have in my head.


I found this site really interesting because I’m looking for someplace to live. The back folds down completely and the inside is customizable. The only problem I had with it was that it’s really huge and needs a large truck to move around and therefore would require some land or a driver.

Edit: I was specifically talking about their ‘Toy Haulers’