In search of a School near Ericsson Plano

At Ericsson, one of our Employee Resource Groups, GenNext, is looking for an opportunity to give a 5G and Donuts presentation.

Travis is looking for: Teacher or Administrator (5th - 9th grade) at a school within ~30 minutes of the Ericsson office (we are at Legacy and Dallas North Tollway area.) So were ~10 miles Lewisville.

-Would be open/interested in giving us an ~hour time slot to speak about 5G with snacks and Q&A at some point in the next 60 days?

Lemme know y’all (@uglyknees you too friend!)

Well I teach 11-12th kiddos. I’ll see what I can do but I’m sure many schools would be down for doughnuts but getting teachers to sit and listen for an hour is a chore.

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From my coworker Travis:

the presentation is aimed towards the students, with the goal of informing them about 5G and telecom in general, hopefully to inspire them to work harder in STEM fields. We could also modify the curriculum time-wise around their schedule, and include advanced content for high schoolers if needed