Impromptu Multicam SIG meeting at DMS 6:15 Thursday 1/10/19


On Monday a new spoilboard with some additional features will be installed on the Multicam. It’s either going to be a nice upgrade or I’ll have a thick coat of egg on my face. If the former, would like to discuss how we best quickly train Makers to use it properly. If the latter, would like to discuss next options. Thursday is Open Tour night, so trying to get in just before that starts. Best place to meet will be at the Multicam, but if woodshop is too noisy, we’ll have to find an available, quieter spot to talk.


Just noticed Chris has Proficiency Testing scheduled for Thursday. We will work around him and try not to interfere any more than necessary.


You could probably use a table in the galley if no other space can be found.


OK, it was closer to sunrise Tuesday than would have been desired, but the new table bed & spoilboard project was completed. Many, many thanks to Judy Kriehn who was such a big help for hours & hours on Monday. In addition to Judy, Nate & David helped expedite and shorten the time we really stunk up the place with Bondo. Also appreciate all the makers who endured the stink while working on their own projects.

The BEST part is that the Thursday meeting will be to explain how the new system works and to figure out how to quickly train others in it’s use. No egg is required!!!

If you get a chance to look it over before the meeting, please do. Look forward to seeing all who can be at the space Thursday at 6:15 pm.


Guys, that table sucks. But I mean that in the best way possible. After a lonnnnggg day of Murphy’s Law (VCarve throwing up error messages and requiring @Team_Infrastructure interference, the vacuum hose disconnecting itself -both at the gantry and at the ceiling-and spewing sawdust, and other annoyances the plan began to come together. @bertberaht had me put a piece of board down, then try to move it. WOULD NOT BUDGE! That’s what I call suction, baby.

Plus, I got to meet Mrs. Bert.


Thank you for all your hard work.

I hate that its almost a certainty that some careless user who is too lazy or forgetful to set the max depth is going to ruin that spoilboard by the end of this week.


I unfortunately have a commitment on Thursday but if someone is still there around 7p-7:30p, I can drop by after my appointment? If not, if anyone is available this weekend, I will be at space a good chunk of afternoon on Sat and Sun because of other classes.

Edit: ALSO, thank you @bertberaht and others for your hard work!


Update: In case you wander by the Multicam and see some cuts into the spoilboard, that’s not the users fault. I still have some things to finalize on the bed and one is leveling the grid plenum. Probably should have done that before I left Tuesday morning, but it didn’t happen. It’s easier to talk yourself into believing it’s gotta be close when it’s 4 AM! Rodney was cutting a large sheet of material this evening and became the first tester to report back. Vacuum holddown and dust shoe prototype got high marks; table level … not so much. I definitely need to level the new vacuum plenum that the spoilboards sit on. If I can bend my schedule enough, I’ll do that Wednesday.