Important Jewelry Small metals meetin


Wed night

This information was only release to all tonight so it was to late to get on the agenda

The expansion plans are up on the front bulletin board. They were shown to all tonight during the
members meeting

Our new location will be on the north side of the workshop of 201 We will have Ceramics on one side and there will be work tables on 2 other sides We will be fairly close to what is being called the 'dog wash 'sink It will be in the workshop and designed to be suitable for washing out things

Our new save will be 600 sq ft with 30 ft on the outside wall *great for our hot working area) and coming out 20 ft

We need to start considering our layout, and things like how many electrical outlets, air drops and such we need
We also need to consider if we want net access or telephone lines

Dont just think about what we have or that is on e the short list to get, Think out at least 5 years or more We will have room to expand in that location

In considering layout it would be nice if our polishing and buffing are was further from Ceramics since we do generate black dust that settles on their pottery We might consider building an acrylic shield for it and maybe even connecting that to the vent system This would keep us cleaner as well

Think about how to make the our area more usable, since a lot of our classes are fairly small we might consider designing it so that 2 classes could use it at the same time

Also we need to start budgeting for this, all committees are being asked to hold at least half their funds for expansion

It still possible that we may have to help with the build out funding
Instead of thinking about buying new thing about what can be repurposed or built Can we reuse kitchen cabinets from a remodel for some of our storage

And also to late to put on the agenda There will be a demonstration of andonizing niobium at the meeting


You are surrounded by Logistics flex space. If those turn out to be work tables, you can temporarily expand onto some of them for classes.


Did you forget about the possibility of adding lapidary capability between JSM and the sink?


Nope I didnt I don t know where it is on the committee plans
Those were never revealed to us Several folks did suggest them

I think with the flex space near us we could set up a casting area and at least one area for wok with
hand tools and such


Can we get a list of the new equipment that is on the list developed
I may have missed the meeting where the list was presented to us

I should be able to find the footprint size on my own

I know that we had discussed getting another 4 place table build but we need to have the one
we have repaired and the new one needs to be made so it doesnt split


Chris requested at the meeting that we need to keep about half of our committee funds in our accounts, as they are making sure DMS has money handy to cover any unforeseen circumstances during the expansion. We might get a little bit of new equipment as long as we don’t spend too much, but the majority of the budget for new equipment needs to be held for after the expansion.


Bit we do need to plan ahead for when funds are not as tight

I would expect that what we will spend for expansion will be for more storage or working

Those that are active in casting would be best resource for how arrange the casting area

I can see a need for these zones
Forging --includes rolling mill, stumps/deW BENCH
Hand work–wire wrap/chain maille/andonizing/patinas and other non heat coloring techniques
Hydraulic press-near future
Lapidary–further out maybe one year

I am sure I am forgetting things

Some like finishing and annealing to be in a more central shared area

It would be nice for us to be able to have 2 classes at one time. However that will take teachers of some classes
to be very honest in how their class will effect others I had a class that I had expected to be small
and noise limited turn into a larger and very noisy class Classes that require more than a minimum
amount of hammering will not be able to conflict with other classes

The sooner we know what all we need, the sooner we can start looking for how to get them without spending a lot
Things like kitchen cabinets,work tables and even additional lightg are things that might show up on FB buy sell pages
or Craigs list


Also, remember you asked what your 5 Year plans were. Everything doesn’t and shouldn’t be a rush to fill the space. Take time and see how things grow and what new interest there are. It may be a couple years before you grow into that, so keep in mind the area needed maybe things you can get rid of for the permanent things.

Example: Machine Shop has two lathes, if we get a large CNC lathe and need room we’ll likely get rid of one. It’s going to be a while, unless one is donated to us, before that happens. But that is in the 5 year plan.


Interesting that info was not shared with the committe

There was no mention of a 5 yr plan in the JSM meeetind I am sure our chairs got that info


I believe if you go back through all the threads on the expansion, Chris Marlow mentions this.

Also, the form used to provide input expressly states this is when you submit the plan. Projected items that required Electricity, Water, Air can be run cheaply now rather than later, even if not used now.


Best statement ever. Better to “get it right” than “get it right now”


Not true. We have not had a meeting of JSM in a month and it was only mentioned in the meeting on Friday night. You were at that meeting and I thought you would have heard her.


I believe that when it was mentioned to us in April that that was when we should
have been looking 5 yrs out

I dont think that ever was mentioned int eh very short discussion we had This was where Sue and I had
a list, our idea for a hydraulic press was down-checked because auto has one, I think it was Naderia that offered to donate one to us

I think the entire discussion was maybe 10 min and they we elected the chairman
There were multiple reasons I was not a happy camper that night

I beleice Joseph put a copy of it on the wiki somewhere

FA s had multiple meetings with their committee about a five year plan


In spite of your dissatisfaction with the April meeting I’ve generally been the one attending the board meetings and I haven’t been hiding anything from anyone.


I didnt say you where You have been attending more meetings

I dont really think things are being hidden they just dont get mentioned

there just a was no mention that we needed make a five year plan

Maybe we need to do it now


I found this that was what was sent to the committe

JSM committee move template V1.1.xlsx