Im Stepping Down

Due to a change in direction I am stepping down as chair of digital media.

When i joined dms our message was a democratic one.
When joining PR and taking over digital media i told board members i would be impartial unless its against that idea.

I have spent weeks of my life rebuilding, painting, and hammering digital media.

With the banning of the elected board member Tails Hartnett after they chose to resign, by the board members who they accused, and with a private meeting¹ i wish to abate myself.

Regardless of interpersonal issues my problems are against the methods chosen. the way things have been handled in the past involve a third party, or cooldown period and in this case none of these avenue’s were explored. doubly so being a board member.

The only public action was a ban.

I feel if this can be used so quickly and privately on a board member, i cannot find my voice in leadership.

Take care,

¹ Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar
Imgur: The magic of the Internet


sorry you are stepping down, digital media was headed in a great direction.


I agree it’s shame to see another dedicated person who puts their soul into improving the space fall in favor of trimming budgets, consolidating power, and opting for opaque leadership