If anyone needs a ton of party decor

I’m not posting this for me. It’s the dance we are doing this weekend. The booster club for grand ball/circle of friends is trying to sell off decor to recoup some of the cost of this dance. If you know anyone who’s down with buying party stuff let them know this is happening. It’s a bunch of stuff. Some of it strange. The hook is they would need to pick it up on Saturday night 10p from Lewisville high school. I know everyone is all sorts of makers and would probably make all this for yourself but I guess you never know. The contact is Shanna Blair but you can get in touch with me if you would like and I’ll do the middle man stuff.

My friends message (not mine)
For the past 5 years I have been apart of hosting a special needs prom at my school.
Every year we transform the cafeteria with huge props and hand made decorations and typically we reuse what we can, but this year we are attempting to sell items after the dance so we do not have to store them. Please share this post if you know anyone who maybe intrested in buying the props/decorations (the catch, items must be picked up the night of the dance…this Saturday 10p.m.)

Alice in Wonderland Dance Decorations Large props

Items were all hand made/painted etc. used for special needs prom at Lewisville High School.

Pick up would NEED to be Saturday night after dance around 10p.m.

asking $500 for the following items (this would be donated back to the organization)

Items include
12 paper rose bushes (metal stands not included)
2 paper royal court rose hoop signs
10 cardboard/posterboard covered books
multiple cardboard painted leaves
cardboard un-birthday cake
cardboard DJ booth -queens courtroom desk
other large gold painted cardboard elements

Wood/particle board cut characters asking $75 each or $550 total
All have stand with them and are included
Mad Hatter
Queen of hearts (very large 6ft)
March Hare
King of hearts
White rabbit
Cheshire Cat
(not all are pictured but can send more if needed)

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