Ideas for holding and closing a clipboard w/ one hand?

I thought about putting this into DMS General but Off Topic seemed a better fit. If anyone disgrees please let me know.

With only one working hand/arm the lowly clipboard has been an invaluable aid. From stuffing envelops to writing Christmas cards it can’t be beat. I have 3Dprinted a spacer so paper can only go in 1/8" before I clip it down. I use gravity to position my work where I want it. The latter is occasionally a frustrating process. If there were a simple technique to lock the clipboard open, the gently close it when my work is where I want it it would be most helpful.

Right now my life revolves around techniques, from transferring between bed and wheelchairs to getting dressed unassisted my repertoire of doing things for myself just keeps growing, thus increasing my self sufficiency a little at a time.

So I’m throwing this problem into a pack of problem solvers to see what they come up with

I have an idea but it’s too difficult to explain. When will you be at the space next? I’ll try to catch you. Bring your clipboard and spacer. I’d like to see the technique you’re using and the problem you’re trying to solve.

I’ll be there every Saturday, unless I get sick (knock on wood (my forehead)). I’ll bring mine with, even if we ruin it they are really cheap.

No I don’t envision hurting your clipboard at all. I just want to see how you interact with it.

I’ll try to catch you Saturday. I can’t absolutely promise I’ll be there, but as of right now my Chief Scheduling Officer doesn’t have anything planned.


When I was a kid, some of us had report folders with lever-operated paper clamps. We used that spring-loaded handle to shoot spitwads…

They still make clipboards using a similar mechanism:

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I have an approach I’m going to try out. Take a #6/32 x 2" pan head machine screw, 2 matching wing nuts,2 fender washers, and a conventional nut. put them together in this order.

2"screw, up side down wing nut, fender washer, bottom clip boar hole from underneath, fender washer, wing nut, conventional nut screwed on to be flush with bottom of screw (super glue in place) to hold assembly together. The pan head lip creates a catch that can hold the top clipboard in place. The wing nut make it adjustable. It just may work. I’ll let y’all know.Forceps will hold the screw still while I tighten things up.

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