I'd like to teach a class for Meetup guests about making graphene stretch sensors with the Epilogue

Hello, Mr. Meetup here seeking to boost our membership ranks by inviting 4,863 members of the DMS’s Meetup group to come around and see our wonderful Makerspace and especially show off our amazing lasing capabilities. I’d also like to make ~$140 in the process by charging $19.99 to a class of 8 guests minus Meetup’s financial service fee.

Guests will be greeted in the lobby and overseen as they sign the waiver. They’ll not be given any hands-on experience, and told the lasers are for DMS members who have taken Laser 101 and/or the Epilogue class. The class will be more focused around graphene and the lasing will just be to show one way to make graphene (or graphene-like carbon for the sticklers).

Does LC foresee any hiccups with this that need to be worked out?
Would it be possible to display the Epilogue monitor on a bigger screen than the one tucked away in the corner?

Thank y’all!

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I hope you are successful, @NightRanger!

I like the enticement for people to join to use the lasers themselves.

Off Topic: If you would be interested in teaching an Epilogue Zing class, please let me know. I’d like to learn how to use it and get signed off on it.


To wave a more colorful flag:



I’m hoping to sign up 2 new members the night of

I’m not signed off to certify anybody on the Epilogue but will run through everything for prep and be more than happy to show you the ropes when I do

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