I'd like to deburr some of our tools

I have acquired some precision ground flatstones, and I would like to use them to deburr the parellels in the Bridgeport cabinet as well as the Kurt vise as they are badly in need of a stoning.

I have a plan to hold the parallels to keep the sharp corner, and for the vise could just stone the ways and the jaws for now.

Any objections? I would do this on Friday if that’s alright. If anyone else can think of something that would need to be stoned, let me know and I’ll be happy to do it.

Really cool video on these stones for those that aren’t familiar:

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Go for it Calvin. When do you intend on doing it Friday?

Great! Not exactly sure of my arrival time but I suspect I’ll show up around 9-10AM. Should be at the space until 3 or so.

My schedule has shifted to the evening, I’ll probably be at the space around 3:30-4 and be there for several hours, so it’ll happen then instead.