Ice machine cleaning

So you will not be using the ice machine. Noted.

My college roommate worked at the local Pizza Hut. One of the first things they were taught was that the scoop is NEVER left in the machine, and users NEVER touch the scoop itself. It made sense to me. Then I fought the battle of “how to appropriately use the ice machine” at my office, during quilt retreats, etc. Including the gory details of the bacteria that gets transferred to the (previously) fresh ice when the scoop is jammed in there for storage. But no.

I am also not a fan of so-called “sonic ice.” My ex-boyfriend served ice machines and other kitchen equipment at some point in his professional career. He said that the sonic-style ice is made with an auger device. And that if I saw what they looked like between servicing, I’d gag. I believe him. Gimmie nice big chunky cubes any day.

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The one real advantage of “nugget ice” over solid shapes is that it cools drinks quickly due to its hilarious surface area : volume ratio. Otherwise, yeah, I gather those machines are real maintenance queens.

Thanks for all the horror stories.

Somehow, in spite of all that, many have us have cheated death and used the ice machine at DMS.
( It probably has something to do with the portable concentrated acid path we all dump our food and drink into as an early step in digestion. Just a guess. )

If we somehow now NEED a new machine, figure out how to pay for it.

We currently have a working machine. One that in order to use, it has been deemed that we MUST clean it first. So could those of us that do want to use it figure out how to do whatever cleaning procedure is needed and get the machine back in service in the short term.


It’s a Hoshizaki. Any model # is probably on the back. Although, I suspect that’s irrelevant. I mean – we know what general type it is. Probably all of them use the same interior coating.

And, I’m fine with the machine we’ve got. Sure, it probably tests the hell out of my immune system, but I’ve got a lovely functioning immune system.


Highly doubt that we would get a new machine when we cannot effectively manage the one we have. This highlights a lot of misguided purchases made on behalf of DMS during a particular period of time. They have all the wants, we want an ice machine, but none of the support or idea of the ongoing cost or labor needed.

The ice machine would have been returned if it were not for the “special deal”

Since an ice machine is a potential health risk, seems like there should be some kind of carrot for folks who do the cleaning, and some kind of stick for not holding up their end of the “we’ll clean it” bargain, if that should happen.

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The risk of the ice machine is no different than that of the self service buffet lines.

I say use at your own risk.

No need to throw the baby out with the bath water.


Lets put a magnetic lock on it and if you are in the AD group that volunteers to clean it and acknowledged you wont put your grimy hands or cup in it then you have access to wonderful delicious ice. AD privileges could expire every 6-12 months and participating in a cleaning would reset it.


I think locking it is over thinking it.

I just wanna see initiative in taking care of it if we’re gonna use it

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Good grief, this whole thing is insanity. The ice machine operated pre covid fine for a long time without any trouble. Can we go back to letting the machine do its job? Could we stop freaking out about n’th degree issues and move along? The machine is self cleaning. Most modern one’s are. Can we pay to have it cleaned professional twice a year sure. Seems like an easy problem…


I I just did a quick Google search for disease outbreaks linked to ice machines and I did find evidence of one from 2016 I’ve Noble virus that was linked to an ice cream a ice machine. Was faulty. Nothing in the article mention that the ice machine that had a faulty valve on it it did not mention that it was dirty or anything like that. Everything is risky I’ll guarantee you the biggest risk that we have with using the space is walking out our front door and getting in a car to come to the space. You cannot eliminate all risk. Didn’t this entire discussion actually start over removing the mask mandate? If we work if we really want to worry about risk then we might need to keep up a mask mandate permanently it does not look like that ice machines are big causes of disease outbreaks give me I can’t seem to find any restaurants that’s been because of a disease outbreak cost buy a dirty machine.

I don’t exactly what Charles and chemicals we would need to do a regular check if there’s bacteria nice machine but we have a science group and that seems they can keep an eye on and do some practical science at the same time. It doesn’t seem like the ice machine is a huge risk with all the other tools around that if they malfunction can cause a lot worse injury.

I was told back when we got it that this machine wasn’t (and that’s why we went with the non-dispenser model was that it was easier to empty the ice for cleaning).

If it is in fact one with the built in basic cleaning then I’m fine with using it from an as-is perspective. They still need descaling etc every so often but if it’s doing the routine work itself then that makes it easy

Good grief indeed.
Put a big red bio hazard symbol on the door.
Also on the fridge.
“Use at your own risk”
Move on.


If we’re going to use it, this strikes me as the best option.


(cough) Yeah, but Stan knew the potential issues, and he was cleaning it out regularly, with a goal of monthly. Might not have happened in a strictly monthly fashion, but it was regular.


Found the model number for the ice machine. Hoshizaki F-450MAJ-C
Recommendations is for 2 times a year, in page 45. It was cleaned 11-30-2019.

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Thanks Tim.

Looks like we need this:

Some bleach, a bucket, and some general purpose cleaner for the bin.

Easy enough.

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I’m going to make a suggestion the date is retinol to the machine where folks can see it and be reminded that it that way if whoever cleaned it before is out feel or move to Kalamazoo someone else will know