I would like to donate a kiln for a bit of time on the Laser



I have a kiln that I would like to donate. It is in great working order.

IF I do donate, would it be possible to get some free time on the Laser?

My first question… who do I contact?

I am looking forward to your response.

ps. I am making the same post in the ceramic forum too.


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@Team_Laser @Team_Ceramics



Laser is having its committee meeting on Sunday at 11pm in the Purple classroom.
Come talk to us then. https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/7586
or speak with our Chair, Andrew Kongs @sixvolts, and Vice Chair Josh Wims @JoshW



You would like to exchange a kiln for laser time. This wouldn’t be a donation (not tax deductible). Just saying.




Perhaps “donate” is not the correct word to use since I am not seeking a tax deduction.

In any case I appreciate the input.



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Typically, we do not barter. Does not mean we cannot.

With instructors. We pay them and they spend the money however they want.

We have to find a committee who wants it. Otherwise we will decline the generous offer.

If it is a donation there is a tax donation form.

What is the size and brand?

Steve Blanchard
Board of Directors

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David @davdstanton , please remove your Kiln from our loading dock area. It has been here far too long and is slated for dumpstering at weeks end.

If this kiln is not removed by Sunday, 24 February, it will be put in our dumpster for the trash collector.

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This was supposed to be discussed with ceramics. Not sure what happened.



Note to Everyone:

DMS as a practice does not trade goods for services/membership. There are accounting issues. You can offer a committee a good deal and if they accept it, you get cash and can do with it as you please. This avoids a lot of issues and avoids “Bartering” … Topic No. 420 Bartering Income

Also, until a committee chair formally accepts a donation please do not leave items at DMS.

We have a lot of items donated to DMS, the generousity is fantastic.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CRT MONITORS/TV’s or similar devices and that applies to the Member Exchange shelf (aka “Freebie shelf” and very wrongly referred to as the “Donation Shelf”)