I Want to Learn Screen Printing!

I want to learn to use the screen printer. I know classes are pretty limited now an its mostly all 1 on 1. Can anyone teach me and my roommate, @Apexi1100?

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Hello! Just tagging the people’s for you.

@Team_Printmaking this is your court

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The best place you can start is the Ryonet YouTube channel. Ryan has a great set of videos there that go over everything you’ll need to get started, and it’s mostly similar gear as what DMS has. It’s pretty close to the same curriculum as we taught in Ryonet’s intro level classes when I worked for them.

I just joined DMS myself, but I’d be happy to put a class together if nobody from Printmaking has one in the works already. Either way, check out the vids below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Astrud and I are working out how to do 1 on 1 training while keeping safe distancing. Once we have that worked out we will post up information on what we have in mind, and our availability schedule.


Awesome, thank you! We appreciate y’all working on that!

Yes. Thanks! I do still have an unused screen haha. Can’t wait to use it.

Rough outline for Printmaking classes from Astrud or myself in the near future:

  1. Maximum of 4 students at a time.
  2. Contactless temperature check before class starts, exceeding set temp is a no-go (exact temperature TBD, around 99-100 degrees)
  3. 60-90 minute group lecture in a socially distanced setting, one student per table. (Most likely the North Flex Area, possibly Interactive)
  4. One on one hands on demonstration for 45 minutes after lecture in pre-scheduled blocks, with 15 minute breaks between blocks to clean/sanitize equipment. Each student is required to stay and learn cleaning procedures.

We are investigating the use of additional AV elements such as multiple cameras with video projection for ease of viewing along with audio amplification. The use of such equipment is under development and may take a while to deploy in active use.


Awesome! I look forward to learning!

Adding myself to the thread. Look forward to learning when the classes commence.

When do y’all expect to have a class?