I saw this yesterday

I was near the Oak Lawn post Office and drove by these logs.
If anyone is interested, I can scout them again to make sure the city has not picked them up.

There are 4 pieces. The largest piece is on the left. For a size comparison, my keys are sitting on it. The 4th piece is off to the right.

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Mighty nice wood there!

That’s what she said…


I’ll bet after yesterdays terrible storm there is a ton of wood to be had on the curbside.
I know that there were a number of trees that were felled in my neighborhood.

Speaking of saw…


Motivation comes in many forms, but humans often select the school of hard knocks path.

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I used to work at Rockler, which sells SawStops. I cannot tell you how many maimed and bandaged people came into the store to buy SawStops. The best explanation came from a building contractor who told me that he bought one for his crew. The first thing they do when he buys them tablesaws is remove the safety guards. He said several have had “accidents” with the saws and filed workmen’s compensation claims. He said that a SawStop is very cheap compared to a single workmen’s comp claim.

Another guy came in with his hand bandaged like the guy in the truck and told us he wanted a SawStop so his kids wouldn’t lose their fingers, too. I had no idea so many people were injured by their table saws. I always asked do you know about a a push block or at least a push stick? Yeah they said, but it was only one small cut, until they lost a finger or part of their hand in the deal.

Great picture. Thanks for putting it up.