I owe for dye sub

@Team_Creative_Arts I owe for use of the dye sub equipment over the weekend. The kiosk was not working and there were no envelopes to leave cash. I’ll be up there tomorrow and a couple more times over the week. I’ll check the kiosk again while I’m there.

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Paging @team_infrastructure @FreddyCalvert
The kiosk from hell strikes again.

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I do too, and lately I haven’t had cash and the kiosk was inop. I’m keeping a tally for when the kiosk is repaired so I can pay.


I owe as well and never have cash. I am keeping tally and will bring cash this week.

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If there are no envelopes in CA, there are a few on top of the Mail Slots in the Common Room.

Thanks! I will grab them this afternoon when I am there.

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Found envelopes at the kiosk today. I should be all paid up now. Thanks.


I also owe, kiosk wasn’t working


@Starreyedgirl @jrkriehn I believe that the only solution that I was given about this was to just replace the whole damn thing. We might need to price that out at some point. Its gotten to ridiculous levels of not working.

I was going to reach out to someone about it. It appeared to not have any power last night while I was there. I couldn’t get it to do anything.

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I was told (separately) by Kris and Patrick that Freddy replaced it last week. Yet it was misbehaving Thursday night when I was there.

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The base was replaced a couple weeks ago. New software was also updated to the iPad.

It is not powering on. It is still down
I owe $5 for legal dye sub paper.
Can we get a web link to the square checkout to pay for stuff?

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Probably a Q for @Robert_Davidson and/or @Team_Infrastructure. I’m pretty sure the response is “there is no link”, but let’s find out…

It is doable if that is the direction DMS wants to go.

But sounds like it is not getting power if the iPad will not turn on.

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