I need help with the table saw

Hi Woodshop Friends,

I took all the safety classes, but the table saw is a little intimidating. Is there anyone willing to show me how to use it beyond what not to do? The bandsaw cuts aren’t always as straight as I’d like, so it’s time to learn the table saw.

Weekday mornings are best, but I can sometimes come in the evening. I’m busy the next two weekends. Thank you!

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Ping me.


I’m also there by midmorning most days. Hmu here on talk and I’ll be glad to help,


Thank you! I will!

Thank you! I may be able to get there next week.

I’ll be in over the weekend some and plan to spend chunks of time this coming week

Let me know when your going to be there and I’ll try and match schedule


@Holliday - I noticed Mark put up a class covering the table saw in more depth.


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