I Need Cellphone Fixed

Anyone fix cellphones? My Android with the newer charger plug-in type will only connect to charge with much fiddling. And I’m sure it’s going to get worse rather than better.

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Does it seem to take more effort to make the connection? If so, have you verified that it’s not lint or other related detritus causing the problem? I ask because cleaning out USB ports is something I’ve had to do ~quarterly with all of my phones.

If you own/feed horses, expect to do this weekly - hay chaff gets EVERYWHERE.

A plastic or wooden toothpick works well. Metal bits like paperclips or dental picks NOT recommended as they can scrape off the plating on the contacts or perhaps even cause a short.

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I’ve found that the problem with USB-C ports is that you need something that’s both rigid and quite thin. I’ve found that the semi-standard SIM eject tool works in a pinch since it’s narrower than the wire used for most paperclips while being more rigid.

The sim ejector is what the guy at the Apple store used on my phone.

There’s repair kits in the Computer Committee Area. But I’ll be glad to take a look when is the next time you’ll be up at the space?

Thanks! I am teaching wood lathe class from 5-7 tomorrow (Wednesday). Before or after that? Or suggest another time.

Toothpick seems to have worked! Thanks!

I had looked up there but didn’t see anything. But sure enough a little white powdery crud came out.

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It seems to be working from picking at it with a toothpick.

I still appreciate your offer.


Recommend something like Otter Box for your phone. Keeps ports, etc.covered up when not in use.